In 2009, the French ministry of Higher Education and Research launched a call for project as part of the “Investments for the Future” Program. The goal was to identify Laboratories of Excellence, “LabEx”, in different academic and research fields.

This call was aimed to:

  • Select the best French research laboratories internationally recognized;
  • Give them financial means to be more competitive worldwide, to support hight-potential research work and to attract international researchers;
  • Build high-level actions of research, education and knowledge promotion.

Two calls were launched (2009 and 2011) and over 436 candidates, 171 LabEx were created after an international jury selection, in various topics (energy, environment, nanotechnologies, digital, economic and social sciences). The global funding was of 1,5 billion euros over 10 years.

LabEx Entreprendre has been created in 2011, after the first call for projects. It was ranked “A” by the international jury.

It is a collaborative project which gathers 200 researchers, within 6 research teams in Law, Economy and Management, and focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, linked with sustainable development stakes.

LabEx Entreprendre is the only French LabEx dedicated to entrepreneurship; it is strongly integrated into a network of academic and institutional partners, which ensure the excellence of its works in the fields of research, education and knowledge promotion. It is also one of the 6 LabEx integrated into the Montpellier University of Excellence Program (MUSE).

Its activities are led into research programs (knowledge production) and chairs (knowledge dissemination and promotion).

Regarding education, the LabEx actively conducts an assertive research training policy, by funding PhD and other research contracts. It also supports around 15 Master degrees in Law, Economy and Management, as well as offers “Executive” training programs (seminars, executive MBA, MOOC).