Call for projects

Innovation support

MUSE program, together with the six LABEX progams and the SATT AxLR, launch a common call for project. The aim is to identify and support innovative projects, within the MUSE consortium, in order to bring them to a more advanced stage.

More informations : here
Deadline for project submission : 12th of October, 12:00 (Paris Time)

Call for communication

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy

Schedule :
10/01/2019 : dead-line for the receipt of communications (papiers courts – max 3000 mots – ou longs)
15/03/2019 : authors’ notification
15/04/2019 : receipt of the final papers, after revision

For more information, visit the website

New PhD students

Welcome to our new Labex PhD students !

Michele El Khoury, under Sylvie Sammut and Anabelle Jaouen supervision.
Entrepreneurial Support for liberating firms: criticism, modalities and challenge.

Dragos Pop, under Jean-Christophe Poudou and Thomas Cortade supervision.
Convergences between digital economy and energy: new modes of exchange and peer-to-peer platforms.

Olga Tatarnikova, under Marc Willinger and Patrick Sentis supervision.
Portfolio instability and ISR investment: behavioral insights.