National Observatory for the researcher entrepreneur

Aims :

  • To focus on performance during and after starting up a business
  • To study the population of businesses supported by incubators
  • To define the researcher entrepreneur’s profile
  • To observe the economic value of the activity created
  • To observe the managerial and legal processes and entrepreneurial approach, to technology transfer from research to its commercial application
  • To observe the specificity of supervised support

Actions :

  • Refining the reference skills that are to be brought into play when creating and developing the observatory
  • Developing both qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Setting up a survey via questionnaire
  • Analysing the data collected
  • Publishing the results

Directors :

  • Christophe Albiges : Professor – University of Montpellier 1 – mail
  • Véronique Bessière : Professor – University of Montpelleir 1 – mail
  • Sylvie Sammut : Lecturer / Research Director – University of Montpelleir 1 – mail