Subjects are available on the LabEx and doctoral school website.
Deadline for the reception of your application files. Applications have to be on 2 subjects at the maximum with a priority order clearly specified*. Candidates are invited to contact the PhD supervisor(s) before the submission of their application.
Selected candidates are informed of the date and recruitment procedures for the jury interview**. They receive an official invitation and have to confirm their presence or not.
LabEx Jury’s interviews. All the candidates have to validate their Master degree and to have the results in July.

Jury will be made of the PhD supervisors who have submitted a PhD subject, and lab directors.


*If the Master thesis is not yet to be supported at the submission deadline, candidates have to provide as much information as possible about the state of progress of their research (btw 10-20 pages).

**Each candidate is asked to: give his (her) point of view on the selected subject and to defend the relevance of his (her) profile with this subject, to present a scientific paper corresponding to the selected subject (the paper has to be chosen among the references provided. It is not a presentation of the Master thesis).

Application submission

Download the application file

Complete files are: an application file, a master thesis copy, an official transcript and resume.

Submissions have to be addressed to Mme Morgane JACQUET before the 13th of July 2018 by e-mail and by post mail at the following address:

LabEx Entreprendre

Institut Montpellier Management

Rue Vendémiaire – Espace Richter

Bureau 404

C.S 19519

34960 MONTPELLIER Cedex 2 (France)