Assessing the effectiveness of legal tools for detecting, preventing and dealing with business difficulties:
• Meeting with practitioners and training activities
• Doctrinal work on texts and jurisprudence

Consider opportunities to improve some of these tools
• Internationalisation of studies, especially for comparative law contributions

Participation in working groups on draft new texts

Directors :

  • Françoise Perochon : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
  • Christophe Albiges : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail

The Chair’s mission is to contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge on entrepreneurial support. Three axes are preferred:

  • Research: Support for research programmes focusing on the entrepreneurial support ecosystem, coordination of networks of researchers ;
  • Education: Entrepreneurial support and Project management for SMEs Master programs, EMBA Growth strategy of SMEs, support for entrepreneurs students, support at the MOMA start-up event, co-organization and funding of the MOOC “Entrepreneurship and growth attitude”.
  • Promotion: organization of workshops, meetings with the actors of the entrepreneurial support, support of projects, dissemination of tools.

Directors :

  • Karim Messeghem : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
  • Sylvie Sammut : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail

The chair ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ builds on the research activities conducted in the research program “Innovation, context and outcomes of entrepreneurship” and on other entrepreneurship and innovation focused research activities conducted by the members of the chair. Under the umbrella theme ‘entrepreneurship and Innovation’, the main focus of the chair is the valorization of discipline-based written intellectual contributions, other research activities, development and training, visiting in and out, related teaching, etc. The mission of the chair is to disseminate research outcomes and to foster the impact of research for teaching and practice.

The main focus of the chair is to examine entrepreneurial and innovative behaviour of individuals, teams and organizations from a contextual perspective. Entrepreneurial behaviour can be better understood by recognizing the multiplicity of contexts within entrepreneurship takes place (Welter, 2011; Welter & Lasch, 2008). Examining entrepreneurship in its contextual diversity helps also to better understand outcomes of entrepreneurship and innovation. Several research groups address this umbrella theme and examine on the individual (entrepreneur, owner-manager, teams, family firms, etc.), firm (small firms, cooperating firms, etc.) and aggregate level (regions, industries) issues such as reasons for entrepreneurship (motivations), entrepreneurial and market entry modes (new firms, takeovers, internationalization, etc.), entrepreneurial behavior, strategic entrepreneurship, and outcomes of entrepreneurship.

With 14 foreign nationalities, the internationalization of the program is well advanced and benefits from individual networks connecting the research groups to foreign based researchers and co-authors (Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.). In particular, two members of the chair, Roy Thurik and Léo-Paul Dana, are internationally renowned entrepreneurship scholars.

Directors :

  • Director : Frank Lasch – Associate Professor – Montpellier Business School – mail
  • Research and training coordinator : Franck Robert – Assistant Professor – Montpellier Business School – mail
The Chair’s mission is to study innovative practices in corporate social responsibility and social dialogue:
– Study of innovative practices in corporate collective bargaining, specifically within small enterprises (research papers, practical studies, conferences and round tables, etc.)
– Study of corporate social responsibility, under its various components
– Involvement of Master 2 students in the preparation of dissertations or summaries on the practice of collective bargaining
– Executive training for socio-economic network partners

Director :

  • Paul-Henri Antonmattei : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
  • Laurianne Enjolras : Assistant professor – University of Montpellier – mail

For several years now, the Chair has been involved in promotion, research and training activities on the topic of occupational health for SME and SME managers. In partnership with the Amarok Observatory, numerous conferences were held with various partners from the business world (CPME, U2P, CCI, CMA, Chamber of Agriculture, CGA, CJD, FFB, etc.). As well, as part of the rebound portal, the chair plays a role as a scientific facilitator.

In recent years, partnerships have been established with occupational health services (AMETRA, AIPALS, T2ST, CIAMT…) to promote the health of entrepreneurs.

Aim :

  • Study the dynamics between entrepreneurial activity and health structured around three actions:
    Observatory for the health of entrepreneurs (Amarok)
  • Delivery of online courses and training
  • Development of a comprehensive contractor health diagnostic tool with an integrated burnout risk screening system
  • Participation in several legislative works in favour of the health of self employed persons

Director :

  • Olivier Torrès : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
The RME Chair’s mission is to develop research, training and promotion activities on the themes of responsible management and entrepreneurship. Recent work is developed in three major directions:
o Global value chains and how they relate to territories, work, and alternative organisations
o CSR in management schools and social responsibility of the teacher researcher in management
o CSR in SMEs

Directors :

  • Jean-Marie Courrent : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
  • Gérald Naro : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail
  • Florence Palpacuer : Professor – University of Montpellier – mail