Midway through 2015, an international jury evaluated Labex Entreprendre and noted that its performance in the areas of research, training and promotion was “impressive.” The jury also underlined Labex Entreprendre’s contribution to the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. The members encouraged Labex Entreprendre to intensify the dissemination of knowledge through publications in leading international journals.
On April 7th, 2016, Labex Entreprendre will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a daylong conference dedicated to “Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation: Perspectives for France,” a topic in step with the COP21 universal agreement on climate change. The ongoing challenge will be to build knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation in order to best serve the needs of public policymakers and the business community.

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In its third year of operations, Labex Entreprendre further strengthened its relationships within the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. Labex has emerged as a team that both national and regional economic policymakers consult, a think tank that generates thought-provoking analyses, and a promotor of entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation.

Promotion and training also continue to be priorities, in line with the requirements defined within the Investment in the Future Programs, and in partnership with the SATT AxLR (Technology Transfer Accelerator) SME managers have been off ered training through our Executive training program, especially on the theme of growth. Support for entrepreneurship is no longer simply a research topic for Labex Entreprendre, but has become one of its key activities. Three academic spin-off projects are now underway and are expected to give rise in the coming months to new innovating companies.
Through all these actions, Labex Entreprendre has become a key element in driving entrepreneurship and innovation in our region.

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Labex’s projects were backed by an ambitious recruitment policy. Our scientific production intensified, with more than 60 articles published and more than 150 papers presented at international conferences. This year also saw the first appearance of “Labex Entreprendre Publications”, a newsletter destined to reach a broad range of economic actors. Labex Entreprendre was an active participant in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region’s working group dedicated to carrying out the European Commission’s Strategies for Smart Specializati on (3S) program. Labex members also
contributed to the national Entrepreneurship Sessions and helped to bring to life such projects as PEPITE, designed to encourage and support entrepreneurship among students. Executive-style training sessions were set up to encourage and guide business growth strategies for SME managers. Through this broad range of activities, Labex Entreprendre has become a key element in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

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Labex is firmly committed to investing in the future. The original Entreprendre project was to create an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship research cluster in Montpellier at the intersection of law, economics and management. The principle research teams (the Public Law Laboratory, the Private Law Laboratory, Montpellier Research in Management, and two mixed research units, UMR LAMETA and UMR MOISA) united around Entrepreneurship, which was expected to bring nati onal and international recognition to Montpellier. Entrepreneurship was a logical choice because of the long tradition of research and expertise on this topic, especially in the management sciences.

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