Presentation of the LabEx Entreprendre

The LabEx Entreprendre is a pole composed of several research teams from the fields of law, economics and management, all specialising in entrepreneurship.

Classed A by the international LabEx evaluation jury, it is the only “Laboratory of Excellence” devoted to entrepreneurship retained in France as part of the call for “Future Investments” projects.


To create and publish knowledge on the entrepreneurial act, at the crossroads between legal, economic and management sciences.


  • To reinforce entrepreneurial dynamism in the country
  • To improve the durability of new businesses
  • To construct accompaniment tools that include legal, economic and management aspects


  • 5 research teams, 200 researchers, 7.5M€ over 10 years


  • Research : 6 programs
  • Training : 6 chairs
  • Promotion : seminars, symposiums